About The Genesis Group is a ministry and business development company that helps Catholics launch new initiatives efficiently and effectively.

We help you incubate your new ideas or accelerate your existing business or ministry through consulting services and, if needed, seed funding.

From web development and marketing to accounting and human resources, we support you with best-in-class service providers so you can focus on what you do best.

The Genesis Group was founded by Matthew Pinto, a pioneer in Catholic ministry and business development. Pinto is the founder of Ascension (Press), and co-founder of the Theology of the Body Institute, Envoy Magazine, CatholicExchange.com, The Maximus Group, and more.

Incubator or Accelerator?

Both incubators and accelerators guide and help young companies and entrepreneurial endeavors move in the right direction. The difference between the two comes down to the level of focus placed on innovation and scaling.

Incubators focus on helping you develop your ideas; accelerators focus on scaling your business.

Regardless of the emphasis your venture needs, The Genesis Group will be there to help you.

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An Incubator

A structured, collaborative program designed to help you build out or start up your new business or ministry idea.

Incubator Characteristics:

  • Turn an idea into a product or service
  • Refine the idea
  • Identify product/market fit
  • Co-create a business plan, complete with positioning and mission statements
  • Vet intellectual property concerns
  • Fluid launch and adoption timeframes
  • Networking opportunities within your ecosystem as well as the incubator community
  • Provide shared space (a co-working environment) and shared overhead and services to reduce start-up costs
  • Explore seed funding, angel investing, and venture capital opportunities

An Accelerator

A short-term program for startups that have already established a minimal viable product (MVP) or service.

Accelerator Characteristics:

  • Ideal for companies experiencing rapid growth of an existing product or service
  • Designed to help jolt a business to and through their next growth spurt, solving a specific challenge
  • Short-term engagements (from a few weeks to a few months)
  • Mentorship and guidance
  • Financial investment opportunities
  • Intentional focus on increasing efficiency and profitability
  • Networking opportunities

About Matthew Pinto

Matthew Pinto | The Genesis Group

A pioneer in Catholic marketing and ministry development, Matthew Pinto has been at the forefront of multiple Catholic initiatives since the early 1990s. In 1998 he founded Ascension Press (Ascension), leading the Catholic publisher and media outlet to global prominence until 2021.

Matt is the founder of The Genesis Group and Spark Catholic Communications and co-founder of the Theology of the Body Institute, Envoy Magazine, The Maximus Group, and CatholicExchange.com.

He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books and educational resources, including the best-selling Amazing Grace series, which is commonly recognized as the “Catholic Chicken Soup for the Soul”, Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons?, and Freedom: Twelve Lives Transformed Through the Theology of the Body. He also conceptualized and co-wrote A Guide to The Passion: 100 Questions About the Passion of the Christ, a New York Times religious best-seller with sales exceeding one million copies.

Matt is a founding member of the Catholic Marketing Network (CMN), a recipient of the Outstanding Catholic Leadership Award (2004) from the Catholic Leadership Institute, and has served on multiple boards. He and his wife Maryanne have been married for 28 years and reside with their children in suburban Philadelphia.

Here’s what Catholic Leaders say about Matt…

  • The Genesis Group

    "Matt is a Catholic marketing visionary, with the ability to see things others can't see."

    Carolyn “Lynn” Klika Founder, Catholic Word Founder, Abounding Joy Ministry Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    "Look behind the curtain of many initiatives that have made an impact on our generation of dynamic, faithful Catholics and Matt Pinto is there."

    Chris Stefanik Founder/President Real Life Catholic Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    Matt Pinto is the most catholic Catholic entrepreneur I know, a pioneer of that land where faith, culture, and commerce meet.

    Larry Montali Co-Founder/CEO of New River Communications Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    "His vision, passion, and integrity helped to build some of the most transformative apostolates in the Church today."

    Ted Sri, S.T.D. Sr. Vice President of Apostolic Outreach FOCUS Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    "For nearly three decades now, Matt’s dedicated his energy, passion, and business acumen to the spread of the Gospel."

    Christopher West, Th.D. President, Theology of the Body Institute Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    "Matt Pinto is a gifted visionary, skilled at analyzing a business plan to determine uniquely creative paths toward a goal."

    Lorraine Ranalli Author, Radio Personality Founder, PR Coordinates Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    "I love working with Matt! He’s sharp, energetic, creative, well-connected, down-to-earth, and fiercely dedicated to the Church."

    Rose Sweet Catholic Author / Speaker / Coach Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    "In short, when Matt has something to say, we should all stop and listen. Period."

    Conor Gallagher, CEO Goodwill Publishers / TAN Publishing Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    "Matthew has incredible business insight. Not only can he quickly spot challenges and obstacles, but in the next breath he's diving into solutions."

    Amanda Teixeira Cofounder of WalletWin Full Quote
  • The Genesis Group

    "Straight-talker but not brusque. Knowledgeable but not heady. Experienced but not proud. Quick-thinking but not frenetic."

    Jonathan Teixeira Cofounder of WalletWin Full Quote